Hold Onto Your Tits!

With nothing more thrilling on my plate, I’ve decided to fully engulf myself into the flames of this blog. As in, get ready to hear some deeply disturbing shit that runs through my mind on a daily basis. And when I say disturbing, I mean for you. I couldn’t care less what people have to say about me these days. As Avril Lavigne once said, I Don’t Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation. Right? Fucking right. It’s been quite a year for me, and I intend on sharing that with whoever feels like listening. If I can resonate with even one person out there in the world, then I will have done my job.



Bored AF

Being unemployed for the last six months should absolutely qualify me for my PhD in Boredom. But, here I am, working hard to bestow my excellent wisdom upon those who need it. Never forget that people who don’t KNOW they need you do, in fact, need your stupid input. I’ve worked extraordinarily hard on this list of things you should take a whack at (and if you don’t get that reference, GET OUT) to distract yourself from drowning in your own misery.




Y’ALL. 2017 has been no joke. Or, actually, it’s playing one hell of a joke on me.

I already know getting through this post is going to be difficult, mostly because I’m blasting my Single Girl Swag playlist on Spotify and it’s got me yelling at the top of my lungs that I don’t need no man. YUP — SINGLE GIRL. Fucking weird.


Hustle, Baby

How the fucking hell did this happen? Here I am, a mere “young adult” straddling the line of Drowning in School Loans and Trying to Make a Name for Myself. Whatever the fuck that means… Rather than my dabble in the blogging world here and there over the past couple of years, I’m coming back at ya, full force. (more…)


Hey. It’s been a while.

I usually bring up my sweet old little blog to view my bookmarks for other sites I like to browse, but today I was kind of staring at the little button at the top corner…


How scary.


How to: Deal with Anxiety

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a nervous wreck. Oh, random pain in my head? Fuck, must be a blood clot. My finger feels weird? Clearly stroking. At any moment of the day, I can go from my usual happy, shit-eating grin plastered on my face to 1000% sure that I’m dying.

When I get nervous, I immediately retreat into my own brain and become very quiet. It sounds fine, peaceful even, but it’s actually the complete opposite. Nothing is worse than internal suffering, seemingly all by yourself, with nobody knowing why it looks like you just saw a ghost.

Over the years, I’ve learned several tips and tricks to calm my nerves and get through panic attacks like the bad bitch I am (I like to pretend I’m tough but I am the biggest baby on the planet). Read on for some tried and true ways to stop the suffering.


Happy Little Home

HEYWHATSUPHELLO. It’s been a hot minute.

These past few months have somehow been crazy yet bleakly normal, so excuse my lack of blogging. Do you even care? Are you even reading this?


I finally moved in with my boyfriend over the summer and I’ve been inspired lately to bring back the blog. So to start, let’s do a list! Lists are my favorite. Let’s discuss the pros and inevitable cons of living with your significant other.