Crazy Bitch of the Week: Kelsey of the Bachelor

This season of the Bachelor has been filled with tons of drama. Don’t even get me started on Ashley S. and the onions. But today we are here to talk about the crazy that must have seeped out of Ashley’s freaky eyes and onto Kelsey. From the beginning, I’ll admit to having a soft spot for Kelsey. She is clearly gorgeous and seemed fairly normal. When learning of her being a widow at 27, the world shed a tear of sympathy for the girl. And then we slowly started to see how fucking batshit she really is.


This past episode solidified her need for a straight jacket. It started with Kelsey laying on the floor almost dead crying of a panic attack. Sorry sweetie, but you need to up your acting skills because what you portrayed is not even close to a panic attack. But let’s laugh along with you and pretend you’re not crazy so you don’t kill us all. When some of the girls confronted Kelsey about being a nutcase, she brushed it off, thinking that they were upset about her being #blessed with intelligence and eloquence… her words, people.

Chris must have been seeing a little bit of crazy shine through because he chose Kelsey and Ashley I. for the two on one date. Now, if you’ve never watched the Bachelor (where have you been?), you should know that a two-on-one date ends up with one girl heading back home to her sad and single life. Though I was never fully thrilled with Ashley I, and not just because she looks like a long lost Kardashian sister, I was totally rooting for her in this date.

Fast forward to the date and Ashley totally ratted Kelsey out to Chris (huge Bachelor no-no) and the world breathed a sigh of relief that he could see that she does not play well with others. And Chris, seemingly unaware of the number one rule of shit-talking, brought up what Ashley said to Kelsey. And when Kelsey confronted Ashley, I’m pretty sure we all collectively shit ourselves. That fucking stare was so intense it made the devil look like a fairy.


Cheers to you, Kelsey, for bringing back this gem, and being crazy enough to send yourself packing. Ashley, you better sleep with one eye open.


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