How to Stay Sane During a Blizzard


1. Booze, booze, booze.

2. Order in. Ain’t nobody got time to cook a real dinner in between (watching other people) shovel snow.

3. Have sex. It’s the best way to pass time and keep warm. Sorry, mom.

4. Catch up on your Netflix. We all know nothing of high importance gets done during a huge snowstorm. Sit down with your bad self, a fuzzy blanket and your boo thang and have yourself a marathon of your favorite show.

5. Take a bubble bath. You never know when you’re going to end up being “that town” who’s power gets knocked out during the night. A hot bath will keep you toasty warm and happy all night. Throw in a Lush bath bomb, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax. Just watch out for pruning, people.

6. Pamper night. Not only is this a perfect time for looking like a scary swamp monster while wearing a face mask, but your skin is going to need some extra lovin’ during this crazy weather.

7. Bundle up in your freakin’ chicest leggings and knitted let warmers. If you didn’t post a picture to Instagram of your cute loungewear and a cup of hot cocoa, did it really happen?

Well, I guess we stop at 7. Leave me alone.

Bonus points for those of you who can knock all this out at once. Cheers!


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