Diet Killer: Deep Fried Tequila

Part of me is horrified; the other part of me makes me want to just walk out of work this second (I can get away with blogging at work, get over it) and get this shit fryin’.

This is my first diet killer up on the blog because let’s be real– deep fried anything is going to clog your arteries and fill your calorie count for the week. For those of you who don’t give a shit about that, read on for this disgustingly wonderful recipe.


FRIED FUCKING TEQUILA: for when you want carbs as you drink your way to oblivion.

1. Bake angel food cake (maybe low-cal would be a good idea). Or if you’re lazy, just buy it.
2. Cut the cake into cute little bite-sized cubes.
3. Soak those babies in tequila and throw them into oil until they’re golden brown.
4. Optional: top them off with powdered sugar because why not just pile on the calories at this point?
5. Eat. Drink. Barf. Repeat.


A big thank you to my girl Alyssa for sending this to me and literally making me salivate this early in the morning.


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