How to Binge Watch Netflix Like a Pro


1. Set the mood. Turn down the lights and light some candles for your full on love-sesh with le Netflix.

2. Prepare for the munchies. Whether it’s a surplus of wheat thins and hummus or some kind of fruit salad, make sure it’s healthy. We don’t need extra calories on top of barely moving from the couch all day. Also have handy some kind of caffeine so the mood lighting doesn’t turn this into an afternoon siesta. Iced tea or coffee is my go-to for a long day of tv bingeing. And for the night watchers: wine.

3. Get comfy. Why on earth are you wearing jeans, girlfriend? Put on those Victoria’s Secret boyfriend pants (if you don’t own these, you haven’t lived) and your coziest sweater. Bonus points for fuzzy socks. Grab a blanket and voila — instant happiness.

4. Be semi-productive. Nothing screams I-actually-did-something-on-my-day-off like a fresh mani/pedi. Grab your favorite polish and spa tools for the ultimate pamper sesh. And if you’re feeling especially ambitious, throw on a face or hair mask to treat yourself. Pampering always wins. Always.

So tell me — what are your favorite tips for being the laziest bitch in the world?


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