Hustle, Baby

How the fucking hell did this happen? Here I am, a mere “young adult” straddling the line of Drowning in School Loans and Trying to Make a Name for Myself. Whatever the fuck that means… Rather than my dabble in the blogging world here and there over the past couple of years, I’m coming back at ya, full force.

As I sit here drinking wine searching for a new job in the confines of the best city in the world — New York, to be exact — I can’t help but wonder where I’ll end up. Sitting in a cubicle, suffering through mindless Word documents (or worse, Excel) sounds like a death sentence. I know I have more mental fortitude than your average millennial. And I know I will eventually find myself weaving in and out of groups of assholes all over the city, leaving behind a trail of dust on my way to bigger and better things. If only I can get my ass off of this dreadfully comfortable couch. Catch me if you can.


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