I Ordered A Frappuccino, Where’s My Fucking Frappuccino?

White girls rejoice: Starbucks updated their wondrous and fat-filled Frappuccinos only to add SIX MORE FLAVORS. Will I try them all? Probably. Will I hate myself afterward? Definitely.

Introducing the new ladies now a part of the notorious gang at Starbucks: Red Velvet Cake, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Bar, Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cupcake. Be still, my heart.



YSL Voxbox Review

NOTHING screams luxury quite like YSL — that’s why when I found out I scored the Influenster/YSL box, I literally white girl died.

I know I just did a post on mascara, but get over it. I’m completely obsessed with makeup.

Anyway, just opening the package I knew I’d fallen in love. I mean, have you seen their cosmetics? Their packaging is to die for.


Currently Obsessed: Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara

Whether it’s your drugstore fave or Sephora splurge, mascara is the one thing you are entitled to be picky about. Mascara has always been the biggest pain in my ass. In all of my 24 years, I have yet to find anything better, drugstore or otherwise, than my tried and true CoverGirl Lash Blast. That little orange tube is a holy grail makeup product for me. But, I digress. We’re here to talk about a new favorite.

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Diet Killer: Deep Fried Tequila

Part of me is horrified; the other part of me makes me want to just walk out of work this second (I can get away with blogging at work, get over it) and get this shit fryin’.

This is my first diet killer up on the blog because let’s be real– deep fried anything is going to clog your arteries and fill your calorie count for the week. For those of you who don’t give a shit about that, read on for this disgustingly wonderful recipe.



Crazy Bitch of the Week: Kelsey of the Bachelor

This season of the Bachelor has been filled with tons of drama. Don’t even get me started on Ashley S. and the onions. But today we are here to talk about the crazy that must have seeped out of Ashley’s freaky eyes and onto Kelsey. From the beginning, I’ll admit to having a soft spot for Kelsey. She is clearly gorgeous and seemed fairly normal. When learning of her being a widow at 27, the world shed a tear of sympathy for the girl. And then we slowly started to see how fucking batshit she really is.